5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2016


5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2016

The marketing landscape changes at the pace of technology. In order to remain competitive in an increasingly globalized market, marketers have to remain on top of the most current digital marketing trends. So what is in store for the coming year? Stay ahead of the marketing curve by incorporating these digital marketing trends.

An Increase in Video Ads

The idea of video advertisements is nothing new, but expect to see marketers increasingly use their visual appeal in the coming year. Facebook and Bing have started selling video ad space on their websites, and Google is including them in their search algorithms. As nearly all studies show that consumers are more engaged by visual cues, it is no surprise that businesses will continue to exploit their effectiveness in 2016 and beyond. Digital marketing agency owner Brian Magnosi shared “we have seen up to a 33 percent improvement in online conversions when videos are utilized on a website. Today people are being bombarded with a lot of media solicitations, and videos are able to cut through the digital noise and engage prospects in a uniquely powerful way.”

Apps Will Dominate

Google announced that it would be incorporating mobile sites into their SEO algorithms in April, rewarding companies with mobile-friendly sites. Expect businesses to take this a step further as they launch their own user-friendly apps. App indexing – the act of dropping app content into mobile Google search results – will become more common as businesses discover the convenience of apps to their consumers.

Optimization Strategies Will Evolve

Just as smaller businesses are starting to get used to the idea of SEO, optimization strategies will progress to create even more customizable options. Mobile digital assistants, like Siri, can now be optimized to answer any consumer question. Businesses will begin to take advantage of this as they realize that more consumers use digital assistance rather than just relying on web searches.

Virtual Reality Will Take Off

Virtual reality headsets have been around for a while, but they’re starting to become more affordable to the average consumer. From the Oculus Rift to the much anticipated launch of several virtual reality headsets this year, VR technology will open a new market for advertising revenue over online platforms.

Wearable Technology Will Be Mainstream

Consumers are increasingly adopting wearable technology as it becomes more affordable. Businesses will have to adapt to the small screens and create easily digestible micro content that’s fit for wearables. In a market that’s expected to expand by 35 percent by 2019, wearable technology is an area where companies should be investing serious advertising dollars. A stream of new media platforms will revolutionize digital marketing in 2016. With preparation and investment in the right markets, businesses can expect to benefit from this new technology –while companies who ignore it risk falling behind the curve.


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