A Cultural Rock: The Brand That Stood the Test of Time


A Cultural Rock: The Brand That Stood the Test of Time

The products consumers buy change from time to time, but some products and commodities are passed down from generation to generation. It’s up to companies to continue to innovate and inspire purchasing decisions, especially when a company carries such a traditional aesthetic. Beam Suntory is a prime example of a company that has such a strong culture, they are able to create a product that millions of consumers have bought for a very long time - generation over generation.

A company like Beam Suntory has to be energetic, passionate, and entrepreneurial about what they do, especially with all kinds of craft options popping up left and right. Liquor has been around a very long time, so finding a new twist to an old product is the best way to keep the customers buying. According to Dan Cohen, the Public Relations Director from Beam Suntory, “Change always tends to beg questions, speculation, and swirling rumors, but the change Beam Suntory has seen is for the better.” As the world’s third largest spirits company, Beam Suntory is having great success. They are always trying to find ways to perfect themselves and their product while going truly global. With products all over the world, Beam Suntory pulls some big brands.

In order to be in business with such big brands, Beam Suntory has to work with teams all across the world, which can end up being a bit of a hassle. Sometimes there is a language barrier and other issues that they must conquer in order to be successful, which is why Dan believes employees really need to be able to collaborate. Collaboration has allowed Beam Suntory to be successful in numerous global markets. They produce half of the world’s bourbon and are second biggest producer of tequila.   

Even with all of their success, Beam Suntory has not become big headed. Dan says, “Be humble and start from the ground up if you have to.” They don’t brag and are very passionate when it comes to their jobs. Beam Suntory is filled with passion behind the brand with real live people who are direct descendants of their original distillers. It has truly family oriented culture.

Dan’s best advice is that “No one is great at everything. Everyone has soft spots in their toolbox. Use those spots to figure out where you hold your strengths.” It is all about capitalizing on what you do best as long as the rest of the team does the same. Nothing will get done if it is just one person working together. However, when you put multiple strong heads together, big ideas happen.

Beam Suntory has been around for a very long time and passed down their business generation by generation. Whisky and Tequila makers go back centuries and have left big footprints to fill, which is exactly what Beam Suntory is doing. They are taking Whisky and Bourbon to a whole new level constantly in order to stay ahead of their competition. With a passionate attitude and entrepreneurial skills, Beam Suntory is sure to continue having the success they have seen so far.

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