Calling All Startups: Catapult Is Looking For New Companies


Calling All Startups: Catapult Is Looking For New Companies

Shared office spaces are becoming more popular than ever, which is promising for startups. It’s indicative of the future of the startup scene, which will be highly collaborative and downright exciting. As more shared workspaces pop up in various cities (Chicago in particular), more and more opportunities are popping up. Of course, this has created some exclusivity amongst different workspaces, meaning it’s no longer a matter of who’s first in line, but rather, who’s the best fit in a unique community of entrepreneurs. For a few lucky companies, Catapult is now welcoming startups to join their community.

For the uninitiated, Catapult is a Chicago-based shared workspace community that has helped some of the most promising startups in the Midwest discover their potential, launching them to height previously thought out of reach. Quite simply, it’s a place where startups are given the tools to thrive, and it’s one of the best shared workspaces in the city.

As previously stated, Catapult must approve a startup before they can join the community, but it’s not an exercise in pretension - on the contrary, they’re one of the top entrepreneurial communities in Chicago, and companies they welcome are able to offer something truly unique and genuine to their network. As a peer selected group of entrepreneurs and startups, Catapult places its tight-knit community above all else, creating an environment where every resident company is invested in the success of their neighbors. What does this mean for Chicago startups? It’s time to step up and apply.

Now, their network is one of the best perks of joining Catapult, but it’s not the only benefit. Their amenities are top-notch. Unlimited coffee is enticing, and a Lagunitas keg for that 4 P.M. push on Friday afternoon? They’ve got it. Game stations, advisors, and a gym (complete with free membership) don’t hurt, either.

To date, 17 companies have graduated from Catapult, and 88% of them are still in business. Over the past three and a half years, Catapult companies have a raised a total of $60 million and created over 400 jobs. If you’re a startup and you’re looking to take your company to the next level, check out Catapult’s website for more information. Stay up to date by following them on Twitter and liking their Facebook page as well. There’s a good chance they can help, so don’t hesitate to reach out and see what your options are.

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