iConsumer Turns Online Shopping into an Investment Opportunity


iConsumer Turns Online Shopping into an Investment Opportunity

If you’re one of the estimated 46 million online shoppers this holiday season, rejoice! There’s a new way to maximize your potential savings while investing in your financial future.


The first company of its kind, iConsumer offers access to online savings to more than 45,000 brands and cash back programs from 1700+ stores including brand names like Target and Expedia. iConsumer rewards customer loyalty by turning each shopper into a stockholder whenever they shop for deals and coupons on the iConsumer platform. Founder Robert Grosshandler, create of the e-philanthropy site iGive, believes iConsumer can encourage individuals to participate in building their financial future by putting shoppers in control of tradeable stock.    

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There’s more to iConsumer than scoring a great deal on your next purchase. The platform also gives individuals an opportunity to invest in a startup that has the potential to to pay dividends or go public in an IPO. As Grosshandler explains it, iConsumer is built by the individuals who sign up and its success is determined by each member who joins, whether they realize it or not. Those same consumers, Grosshandler states, should be rewarded for their contribution in making a company like iConsumer valuable. By making each member a stakeholder in the iConsumer company, consumers can reap the financial rewards of investing in a business whose growth was supported by its consumer base.  


In addition to providing shoppers access to thousands of coupons, iConsumer seeks to educate its members on investing in startups and learning about the opportunities a growing business encounters. Being an iConsumer shareholder is more than just about the money - it’s about being a part of a community that can help a company grow big, go public and become valuable. To support their shareholders as they navigate the world of startup investment, the creators of iConsumer launched the Shareholder Academy to nurture this community growing up around crowdfunded investing.


Whether you’re confident in your investment skills or a total beginner, iConsumer gives you the opportunity to get hands on investment experience while saving you money as you shop around for holiday gifts. Businesses are built on the loyalty of customers and iConsumer believes these customers deserve to be rewarded for their support. With every purchase you make, iConsumer will help you maximize your savings while helping ordinary individuals, the 99%, participate in building their financial future.



Start earning cash back while you shop and learn how to invest into a crowdfunded business without risking your cash by signing up on iConsumer today!


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