Recruiting Hassles - A Thing of the Past


Recruiting Hassles - A Thing of the Past

Finding the right talent for your company can be difficult. From identifying company needs, writing a job description and holding interviews, it can be a time consuming task with minimal return. For Addison Group, discovering the right people for your company is their primary focus and responsibility. The professional staffing firm finds the right employees who want to grow and prosper with their clients.

The key to their success: practicing what they preach. As they look to fill positions at their client’s business, they also fill their own positions with employees who fit the culture. According to Steve Wolfe the Executive Vice President of Operations and Administration, all of the leadership at Addison Group began their careers at the desk level, either as recruiters or as business development managers, and have worked their way up. They have a special connection with the employees they lead because there is a shared knowledge of what each role entails, which also creates credibility and a shared trust between the two.

It is well known that within Addison Group there is opportunity to move up and create your own path of success. In fact, Wolfe said that almost 95 percent of the leadership roles at the firm are promoted from within. Addison Group has a high retention rate, and it’s widely known that the company works hard to please both customers and employees. This culture of opportunity and an employee-based approach is a key to attracting the right talent that keeps them at the top of the professional staffing industry.

The Chicago-based firm also heavily encourages positive and constructive feedback to continue improving as an employer. Every year, the firm rewards the top performers in the organization with an all-expenses paid trip to an exotic location. The top performers enjoy a trip that consists of both relaxation and the opportunity to weigh-in on the future of the company. During their stay, Addison Group poses one single question, “What can we do to make this company better?” Those on the trip then work together to collaborate on new ideas for how to help the company prosper, evolve and grow. At the end of the week, those employees walk away with a sense of ownership and encouragement that Addison Group values their opinions. This continues to foster high retention rates and a positive company culture at the firm.

Addison Group’s motto is “people first, process second.” The firm seeks to hire those employees who are focused on meeting their goals and objectives in a way that best serves their clients and candidates. Additionally, they look for employees that will push themselves to be better at their job than the day before. As Wolfe encourages his employees to do, “Don’t wait for someone else to challenge you. Challenge yourself so you can create your own path and identity, then figure out how you define your success.”

Each employee will be slightly different, but one thing must remain present at Addison Group, and that is passion. If employees didn’t love their jobs, they wouldn’t come to work ready to tackle challenges and stretch themselves daily. Addison Group is focused on providing their clients with the right employees, starting with their own employee-base.

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