Should I Outsource My Digital Marketing to An Agency?


Should I Outsource My Digital Marketing to An Agency?

Businesses, now more than ever before, are faced with multiple options of how to best market online. The choice between hiring an in-house marketing team and outsourcing to a digital marketing company to carry out your marketing tasks brings into question the pros and cons of outsourcing your digital marketing.

Why Are Digital Marketing Companies Gaining Popularity?

Cost Effective

One of the major reasons why businesses are beginning to favor digital marketing is because it is more cost effective than hiring an internal marketing person and sales reps. For the amount of money spent, a digital marketing company is usually able to achieve greater results for a much lower cost. This means that, expenditure-wise, it makes more financial sense to outsource your marketing to a company that is focused 100% on digital marketing vs. an internal team that is focused on marketing and many other day to day tasks. 

Less Management Needed 

Another benefit of outsourcing your marketing needs to a digital marketing company is that you will not have to spend time managing them. A sales rep may need training and consistent management, which can put pressure on managers and the HR department in your business. 

Forward Thinking 

Digital marketing involves complex marketing campaigns, often centered on SEO and increasing your web presence. You can give a brief to a digital marketing company who will then carry out the necessary actions with minimal guidance or communication.

Using an Internal Marketing and Sales Team

For some businesses, particularly those which have been successfully marketing in a more traditional way, the cost of employing a marketing team / sales rep might be worth it for the following reasons: 


  • Gives a personal touch
  • Leverage the sales reps reputation in the industry
  • Builds solid working relationships


The down side is in today’s digital world some people find sales reps cheesy and inefficient. They prefer to visit your website and get the answer right away instead of waiting for a response from a sales rep. 

Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing

 When you outsource your digital marketing to an agency you are getting a marketing team that is experienced day in and day out on how to best market your products and services on the web. This will definitely help you to: 

  • Get more search traffic
  • Capture customer data via contact forms
  • Target the right customer with local SEO campaigns
  • Access to customers you may not have reached previously

With the growing number of people using smart phones and the Internet to access services, products, and do product research, it is more important than ever to focus your efforts on digital marketing.

Start today with a digital marketing company and reel in greater rewards for your business.


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