This is the “Land of the Free,” Take Advantage of It


This is the “Land of the Free,” Take Advantage of It

Creating an image or brand for your business can be a difficult thing to do. You may ask yourself, “Which company do I want my business to resemble?” Or even, “What do I want my company to represent?” A great number of businesses or ideas are thought up to help solve a current problem that a founder has identified. In honor of Independence day, I wanted to focus on how creatively independent we as Americans are able to be. For an inside look on companies that use this freedom to improve the lives of others, read on my fellow Americans.

1. City Hive 1

City Hive

Our platform augments any website with a fully functional, universal point of sale and delivers targeted offers that can be sold directly to end users without redirection to a 3rd party site. The City Hive platform utilizes its patent pending technology along with location sensitivity, proprietary machine learning algorithms and data analytics in order to leverage the power of the company’s rapidly expanding retail network and enable the sale of wine and spirits online. Our turnkey solution enables clients to utilize existing infrastructure to monetize content and/or sell products online.


“In an old fashioned way, holidays are for friends and family. Brands should understand this and focus their efforts on customer and employee happiness.“ - Roi Kliper, CEO

2. Herdwise 1


HerdWise helps businesses improve their bottom line through leadership and team development. Leadership is all about building and managing relationships and effective communication. Communication skills, creative problem solving, conflict resolution, motivation and inspiration are some of the areas where we set ourselves apart. What’s really unique about us, however, is that we partner with horses in order to improve these skills. Horses are natural followers who respond best to consistent, clear directions. They don't care if you are the CEO or the janitor--they offer honest and immediate feedback about your leadership skills, communication and more.


“Step back and take some time to reflect. We spend so much time ‘doing,’ because there is always more to be done, but we should not forget to refresh and return with more vigor and emphasis on the customers.” - Kathy Taylor, President & CEO

3. Findley Davies 1

Findley Davies

Findley Davies is an independent consulting firm and trusted business partner. We help you make critical decisions about employee benefits and change management to make sure your human resources strategy aligns with organizational objectives. We provide strategic counsel to help navigate the changing benefits landscape and successfully manage workforce issues. At a time when doing more with less is the new normal, we provide advice and administrative power and act as a true extension of your team. Established in 1969, Findley Davies is owned and led by a group of senior consultants working from offices in Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Greensboro, and Toledo. Our consultants, actuaries, and administrators are accomplished professionals with proven track records in HR, ERISA and tax law, retirement plans, actuarial science, compensation and rewards, communications, health and group benefits, and HR technology.


“The new concept is “work life blend” as employees are always available with technology. It is important for health and wellness to remember times of true relaxation and rejuvenation to be able to come back to work and be as productive as possible.” - Carrie Alexander, Senior Consultant

4. Lumifi 0


LumiFi is a lighting and lifestyle App for your smart home, workplace, or hotel room that combines the use of emerging WiFi LED Bulb technology with the creative expertise of award-winning high-end hospitality and ultra-luxury lighting designers to go beyond the functional aspects of lighting, enabling users to set the mood and influence the “emotions” in any room. Through the use of our intuitive smartphone App, LumiFi envisions a world where people will never need to use a light switch again.


“I take advantage of the holiday to catch up on tasks that I would normally be distracted from and focus on supporting my team in Germany. I look forward to time where I don’t receive 20 emails per hour so I can focus on bigger projects on my list.” - Beatrice Witzgall, Founder, CEO & Creative Director

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