S6:E3 Academic Innovation Starts By Changing How We Build K-12 Curriculum


Improving our scores in math and science is not about buying more iPads for students, or altering the standardized tests. Improvement is about making a fundamental change. And, it begins with what (and how) we educate our kids at the earliest levels. To help keep Scott contained on this subject Classblox and Elevate K-12 founder and CEO, Shaily Baranwal talked about how her company is changing the face of education by letting kids take “online classes” with real live instructors in not only academic subjects like math, reading, test prep. Shaily’s company is the first to offer K-12 kids classes in life ready skills like “how to be an entrepreneur”, “Speak Mandarin”, “Learn Fashion Designing”, and “Day in the Life” series.

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Scott Kitun
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