Beth Bond is the Executive Director at GoCivic Chicago which is an intuitive technology-based platform that provides citizens with an opportunity to further engage in the future of our city. The platform helps individuals identify ways to get involved with various nonprofits and charities, government organizations, committees, neighborhood coalitions, civic/social groups and special projects. GoCivic also helps citizens stay up to date on community news/events, share and comment on Chicago-focused ideas, and collaborate with other socially responsible citizens and peers. PLEASE VISIT!/app/landing Read More
Daniel Goff is wrapping up his time as the Deputy Director for the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, specifically the Office of Trade and Investment. He shares his transition from the private sector into the public sector and how impactful to work in the public sector. PLEASE VISIT Read More
Eric Vazquez is the Chief Technology Officer at the Office of City Clerk which is responsible for keeping and making official records and legislation accessible to city residents. Clerks also play an important role in the system of checks and balances by offering perspectives, policies, and opinions that are independent from other municipal offices. The Chicago Office of the City Clerk is the most visited office in Chicago government. PLEASE VISIT Read More
Solve makes it easier for organizations to connect individuals to jobs and social services. Many nonprofits, such as job placement organizations, operate in silos. This limits both the pipeline of clients and the number of opportunities for each client. Solve is a software tool that creates a referral network, empowering organizations and employers to collaborate and share information. This opens up a wider array of opportunities for individuals while helping organizations to make more successful placements and connections. Our easy-to-use platform also streamlines client intake, makes it more convenient to track and manage cases, and provides data analysis to help measure outcomes PLEASE VISIT Read More
Two years ago, an interview with Simon Sinek inspired a journey of discovery, what is the connection between stories and purpose? 500 interviews later, a thesis emerged: “Brand is a Reflection of Culture.” The Science of Story, the book and philosophy, is now available on Amazon. PLEASE VISIT Read More
Vinesh Kannan is the CEO & Co-Founder of Omnipointment, which is a software that aids in scheduling team meetings. Omnipointment means omnipotent appointments for your team. Their highly visual schedule merging tool means you can spend less time rounding up your teammates' availability and more time changing the world. PLEASE VISIT Read More
Chicago Ideas Week is an annual ideas and innovation platform where global thought leaders gather to discuss new ideas and stimulate new ventures. Chicago Ideas has expanded beyond its original week in October to monthly events. Not only does Chicago Ideas Week bring communities of people together, but they do this all for only $15 per event. Come share your ideas! PLEASE VISIT Read More
Stephen Goldsmith has an impressive resume as a Professor of Government at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Director of Innovations in Government Program, Former Deputy Mayor of New York and two term Mayor of Indianapolis. Stephen's book, "The Responsive City: Engaging Communities Through Data-Smart Governance" discusses the adoption of technology by citizens and government. This must read book has forever changed the relationship between the two entities. PLEASE VISIT Read More
Melissa Anderson is the President and CoFounder of Public Good Software which is the online network for civic action, empowering people to make a difference on the causes they care about. Its groundbreaking Take Action technology connects people reading the news with things they can do to make a difference on the issues around the world and in their own neighborhoods. PLEASE VISIT Read More

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