How Legal Practices Are Embracing Technological Change In The Workplace

It’s not everyday that we saw a massive shift in culture that affects every facet of life like we have in recent times. Recently we interviewed top local attorneys and asked them to share their insight on how they have adapted to new technology platforms and how those technologies have impacted their respective practices.

Frank Manning, of Manning & Clair shared:

“So in the current moment, the question of is it better or worse? Right now, things are more in a neutral state in terms of how technology has been affecting us and our practice. Fortunately for me, the start of Covid coincided with my needing for an upgraded computer, and an upgrade to Microsoft 10. I’ve adapted to using technology like Zoom and have gotten mostly comfortable with it.

I think technology is here forever. The benefit to it is that you can meet more people where they are. Whether you’re in your home or your office you can still connect with people. I also think Zoom is a little better than a phone conference and so we’re using it and will continue to leverage it as a tool for us to grow our practice.”

Dan Lindner, of The Lindner Law Firm, said:

“Personally, I’ve been having Zoom meetings with clients from time to time. Not about anything particularly sensitive because there is a security issue with the attorney-client privilege. With all of them getting hacked, you’ve got to be careful. The telephone works great for that stuff, but for generalized meetings that anyone could see. I have no problem using zoom. The courts, however, in Cleveland have just started using Zoom… The Technology is great, but it’s not great enough.”

Aaron Gartlan, of The Gartlan Law Firm, shared:

“We were already accustomed with technology for conference calls with clients.  It was relatively an easy transition and gave clients a certain level of comfort while still connecting with us and saving an hour commute. It’s been an easy way for giving people an option and help (that kind of put them) in control.”

Daniel Ross, of Daniel Ross & Associates, had this to say:

“For my colleagues who are more face-to-face based it has been really difficult to adapt to using technology. I was fortunate enough to be in a position where 90 percent of my clients are remote (international and nationwide), and  the ones that are in town, they’ve all gone remote (digital speaking). People have been more willing to work electronically. Like a trial run; a lot of technological innovation and platforms needed to prove themselves and with the current situation, it’s becoming more of a necessity than just a luxury. I could never ever do what I do today without the internet online connectivity and network and possibilities.”

Michael Burg, of Burg Simpson, shared:

“When the pandemic hit, we took it very seriously. The first thing we did right away is we created remote (digital) access. What I think is happening (technologically speaking) is it’s going be a huge change in the way law firms do business and there will be significant changes in the way we do business going forward even when the pandemic is over.”

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