How Tech Savvy Law Firms Are Sustaining Amidst Covid-19

Technology is here to stay, at least that’s what the consensus is according to top local attorneys across America. Recently we sat down with some of the best and brightest in law and gathered their respective opinions on how the face of business and the legal system is readily adapting to new technologies like Zoom, WebEx and more.

Mark Ondrejech, of The Ondrejech Law Firm, said:

“I leverage technology to be competitive with a lot of firms and to do work that practicing by myself would not otherwise be able to do in the past. I found that it’s very necessary to leverage technology and found it can make you very competitive in the marketplace. Now that COVID has come in, courts have been more willing to engage in leveraging technology to the benefit of the entire system. Zoom has made everyone efficient in my experience.”

“The people who are business clients are happy to use Zoom. They’ve been using platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams…whatever platform they’re using in their own business, and so it’s not a problem. There are people who’re not accustomed to that, like retail, who feel the need to come in and still have that personal contact. It’s kind of a case-by-case basis.”

Joe Nigh, of The Nigh Law Group shared:

“We were not a big, technology-heavy firm. Some of us are going paperless. Most of the attorneys have been working remotely the majority of the time, a couple of days a week.”

“Coming out of COVID, I’m not going to stop using technology such as Zoom. It’s been amazing. It has increased our access to clients and we’re saving people money and from stress. It’s very efficient.”

Bob Fitrakis, of Fitrakis & Gadell-Newton, shared:

“I think technology is here to stay in light of the recent times we have been experiencing. With things like WebEx and Zoom, I don’t see us going back to the way things were. Specifically Zoom has helped our court systems be more efficient than ever before, not to mention saving our clients money with reduced travel time and the like.”

Michael Frantz, of Frantz Ward, had this to say:

“Technology has played a role to help facilitate the firm moving forward.  While I would have never envisioned bargaining remotely before this happened, I’ve now done it five or six times. While I was initially skeptical about how that was going to work, both parties had an opportunity to address their needs… Microsoft Teams is something our firm is using almost every day. I’m on Zoom calls several times a day, and I have WebEx installed too.”

Robert Botnick, of The Botnick Law Firm said:
“I had used Skype maybe once or twice in the past for my practice.  I don’t know what Zoom was or Microsoft Teams. I’ve since purchased a license for Zoom. So that way, I can host meetings like any interview. Certainly I’m not meeting with clients at the office anymore… The technology is amazing. It took a pandemic for people to adopt it. Now, it’s actually freeing up my schedule because I don’t have to be driving all over the county to go from one hearing to another.”

David Benson, of The Benson Law Firm commented:

“Using technology has been great for meetings with my staff. We usually have Monday morning meetings. I don’t have to go into the office. It allows us to cover a lot of territory without being in the office. I also have done a lot of online education courses and attended board meetings through Zoom…I have begun to implement it in my practice, so I can meet clients face to face. And it’s been a little more of a challenge there however, as they tend to want to talk by phone instead.”

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