Law Firms Share Local Insight On How Tech Is Affecting Their Practices

Technology is here to stay and that sentiment is being heard across our nation’s top law firms. We sat down to discuss the effects of technology amidst disruptive times like these and how those changes are being played out in local attorneys’ offices across the United States.

Andrew Baker, of The Baker Law Group shared:

“We have always offered a remote option for our clients, so that wasn’t necessarily a new thing. A lot of our clients, because they’re injured, it’s very difficult for them to come into the office, so…for me it made more sense, as an injury firm, to have an office that was at least capable of remote communication.”

Regarding using tech like Zoom in the courtroom, Baker said: “A trial in and of itself is a very intimate type of event between all parties, the jury, the judge, and because of that I don’t know how you would do it in a remote environment.”

Justin Fox, of The Fox Law Firm, shared:

“I’ve always been relatively light on my feet. An assistant that works for me, she’s been working remotely. Before the virus hit, she was spending one or maybe two days in the office. But what I found is that the need for my office, in general, is moving towards zero. And I think that technology has allowed me to make that transition. I’m on the cloud and I have paper files and I think paper files are always sort of necessary in legal practice, yet I’ve started to go as electronic as possible.”

Mike Rasor, of Cavitch Familo & Durkin said:

“I grew up in the technology age. My practice has always been different from people who are 30 years older than me. I’ve always done things for myself that other lawyers have secretaries do. I think that the technology transition is simpler and pretty similar to my natural inclination towards using tech rather than extensive paper usage.”

Marc Dann, of Dann Law had this to say:

“We have clients all over our offices in Ohio and New Jersey. Possibly we have clients all over the country. So we’ve really tried to adopt more video conferencing. Even before COVID, it was impossible for us to meet with our clients in person all the time. We represent consumers, so we have a large volume of clients and they’re spread out. So it’s impractical many times to meet in person. 

We’ve really tried to embrace technology for a while. It’s really not a big change for us to have people working from home because we have people working in these spread offices.”

Michelle Martin, of The Martin Law Firm, said:

“We have utilized Zoom a lot more. I actually enjoy Zoom because it allows us to do a recording for some of the videos. During interviews, there are points that you may miss and things you may go back and develop more. It has the ability to give you that opportunity to go back and do just that.

I’ve utilized it more because a lot of my clients are sort of a very vulnerable population. So they’re not able to get out. So being able to have the Zoom call made it a lot more convenient for me to be able to meet with them. Prior to COVID, I didn’t use Zoom, but we used other cloud-based systems for convenience and efficiency.”

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