S2:E6 The Human Condition ft. Peter E. Raymond

Leaders Create Leaders

Peter Raymond, CEO of Human Condition a company that is revolutionizing many industries using technology, data, science, and straight geniuses. I like to think of it as a lab creating solutions for every industry you can think of! In fact, Peter himself is one of the smartest humans I have ever met! Talk about an innovator or should I say game changer who is focused on social impact solving global problems with his team. 

It's how we see the world... One thing i learned with Peter is the questions you ask are just as important as the solutions. In fact,
In order to find the solution you can't look at the symptoms you have to look at the root cause. 
Peter teaches us , Curiosity is the genesis for many ideas. This is the fun part of being an entrepreneur. 
How important your PROCESS is HUGE! The better your process as a company the more problems you can solve at scale. As Peter says, the company should be run like an operation system. 
Also, how important collaboration is. We as individuals can create and innovate but when you learn to co-create and collaborate than there is strength in number or more importantly TEAM. 
Empowering your team is a key component as a leader. 
Be BRAVE. Manage your expectations, focus on the stuff that matters, and have confidence. Be BRAVE

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