S2:E7 Calling All Leaders - Season 1 Finale - Leaders Create Leaders

Leaders Create Leaders

Over the last 12 months, I have met with some of the greatest modern day leaders. I hope everyone could take something from each episode to inspire you to take action in your life. For our finale, I wanted to give you a glimpse into my life and the new journey I am embarking on as a leader for our millennial generation to pave the way for future generations. This is the most important video I have ever released and I hope it motivates every single one of you to step up to find the leader within. If we want to solve the worlds biggest problems than we need to create more leaders. #LeadersCreateLeaders

Personally want to thank everyone who helped in any way form or fashion to make this first season of Leaders Create Leaders possible. Always appreciate of all the support. I feel extremely passionate about the power of leadership and the way it can influence our world for the better. Can't wait for season 2, a lot of new content is schedule to come. Don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and my newsletter. 

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Gerard Adams