Local Law Firms Discuss How Technologies Like Zoom & Webex Have Impacted Their Practice

Technology is literally changing the way we do business in America, and today more than ever those technological changes are impacting every conceivable business including law firms.

We spoke with notable attorneys in their respective towns and gathered critical feedback from them and how technology in these disruptive times has impacted their practices and what they have experienced due to it.

Myles Fischer, of Harris Beach Attorneys At Law shared:

“WebEx is fully integrated into my daily practice; administratively for practice management, meeting with clients,  and even to catch-up socially with colleagues.  This is a real change in the way I operated from the past. Without technology like WebEx and Citrix, I’m not sure how firms can function successfully in this environment.

The technology has proven reliable and meeting virtually is becoming more acceptable for clients.  Prior to COVID, I rarely used technologies like Zoom and Webex.  Advising clients on estate planning matters is deeply personal and much more preferably done in person but, under the current circumstances, the technology is allowing us to meet client needs virtually.  While the technology is helpful, I think clients and practitioners alike welcome the thought of getting to sit around the same conference table in the future.” 

Jim Mitchell, of Attorney Consultant Inc., shared

“I like to meet with my clients face-to-face though I’m not letting my clients actually come in the office right now, but a lot of my clients are using telephone calls for their disability hearings, since the courts are not allowing Zoom meetings since they don’t trust the security of Zoom.

This presents a challenge and can make things really weird, but our practice is still moving forward.”

Patricia Kovacs of The Law Office of Patricia Kovacs, said:

“Prior to 2000, we typed using a typewriter! Today bankruptcy courts are all electronic and our district has been electronic since 2003, so I’m used to filing electronically and using tech has been something we are used to.

I don’t even carry regular files anymore. Since Covid I have not had an issue using Zoom or technology like that. You can’t judge people as well on a Zoom call for example like you could in person, but it saves us a bunch of time and the client ultimately saves money.”

Matt Mishak of Mishak Law, said:

“I’m a technology guy but the only real limiting factor here are the courts. They have not been open as much to technology as some would like, but tech has been buy klonopin online legally super helpful to get things done so much more efficiently.

I can get three to four times as much done using technologies like Zoom and it’s been fantastic and I hope it’s here to stay. Tech is benefiting the attorney, the courts and clients.”

Wayne Novick of Grateful Lawyer shared:

“It’s been a benefit – we’ve been more available for our clients, though we’ve had to teach some of our clients how to use technology like Zoom. In the future tech like Zoom and other cloud based technologies have been so helpful.

Right now, I’m still not interested in going to court and meeting face to face, so meeting on Zoom saves us so much time – for our clients and for us as the attorneys. Hopefully this will lead the courts to be willing to embrace these technological changes in the future. I see it helping the practice as we move forward”

Heather Duwel-Mehl, of Duwel Law shared:

“Prior to Covid, we didn’t use technology. Very few courts accepted anything electronic. Now courts have said you can appear by phone. Zoom and WebEx have become the standard and the courts have completely opened up to technology – it’s been a game changer for everyone involved.

Most clients have been incredibly adaptive to using technology and the changes that have come in the past few months. I believe we’ll get more fluid using technology daily and do more hearings and depositions virtually.”

Rich Zawtocki of  Zawtocki Law shared:

“Since Covid, we’ve used technology like Zoom for both clients and courts since Covid hit. The tools have been a good thing for everyone involved and they are surprisingly easy to use.

There’s been a big learning curve especially in the courts. I think technologies like these are here to stay – technology  is moving things along quicker. Now that we have it set up I think it’s  helpful and clients are embracing them. Technology gives you extra time to work on the case that might be otherwise consumed by travel and logistics.”

Stuart Cubbon, of Cubbon & Associates said:

“Since Covid, we have begun using things like Zoom.  I now have 98% access to everything from the office now at home.

We’re now doing depositions by Zoom and it’s a nice thing. I think technology is here to stay and will be an integral part of what our firm does moving forward.  Everyone has learned skills that they will never forget post Covid.”

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