5 Employee Engagement Ideas for 2018


5 Employee Engagement Ideas for 2018

2018 is the year for innovative employee engagement strategies - from employee engagement software to mindful management techniques the number of proven methods of employee engagement continues to climb.

Here are 5 great ideas to get you started.

Offer Positive Feedback

Common sense would have you think that offering constructive criticism helps the recipient grow, but, as common sense often is, this is wrong. Instead, the research has shown the most constructive thing to do is to provide positive feedback.

The research found that when people are exposed to negative criticism they are more likely to seek out feedback that reaffirms their self image - rather than seek to change the negative. This was found to be true even among the highest performers - so that means, yes, even you are guilty of this.

By focusing on the positives, people are encouraged to give their all - to continue to enact their strengths - and through these efforts the subject of any criticism is likely to subside anyway. Offering positive feedback is a win-win.

Engagement Software

Facilitating engagement has never been more scalable than it is now through employee engagement software. These software platforms allow for more connectivity and alignment with organizational goals and values.  

Not only do these platforms cultivate a more connected and inspired team, but they also provide easy access to any number of metrics for insights. This provides management the opportunity to act proactively rather than reactively to engagement issues. Such preemptive maneuvers are key to keeping employees at peak competitive performance.

Team BuildingExercises

When your employees see themselves as a part of a team, rather than a disparate grouping of individuals all out to satisfy their isolated interests, they are much more likely to pursue the organizational goals actively and creatively.

When employees are connected to a team they will be connected to their work and feel excited about getting up every morning to go.

These exercises can be fun and certainly don’t have to be work related - like having employees put together a bike as a group.

Mindful Management

As Abraham Maslow wisely pointed out, the more society offers the most basic needs like safety, physical well-being, and nourishment the less workers are willing to tolerate authoritarian management. We can see this becoming more and more true today - as workers have more freedom than ever to leave a workplace that isn’t right for them.

This is why mindful management techniques are becoming essential to engaging employees and retaining talent. If your management techniques are outdated and draconian your employees won’t stand for it and your turnover will remain high.

One way to enact this is by being an empathetic leader - being conversational and listening to the thoughts and concerns of your team. This certainly doesn’t just mean being lax - in fact research has shown that 80% of employees would work more hours for an empathetic employer.


Often management only catches major engagement problems when it’s too late. Then they might shell out cash for an employee retreat or a big name motivational speaker. While both of these tactics are effective in the short term their effects are short lived.

This is why micro-interventions are essential for any engagement campaign - they sustain the effect of a large scale motivational effort and maintain it through daily micro doses of inspiration.

Micro-interventions also play in well with employee engagement software - before it may have been a logistical nightmare to actually implement - but today, with the right platform, the task is simple.

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