Bring On the Beercade: How Replay Lincoln Park Is Serving Up the Nostalgia


Bring On the Beercade: How Replay Lincoln Park Is Serving Up the Nostalgia

You can practically taste the sugary 80’s addiction of wine coolers, Long Island Iced Teas and Lemon Drops. No doubt, you’re jammin’ to the funky tunes of Blondie, Queen and Duran Duran. And you are definitely standing in line, to play none other than the newly released Pac Man.

Welcome back to the 1980’s my friends- stay bitchin’.

While it may not be possible to actually transport back to a simpler time for good, thanks to Mark Kwiatkowski of Replay Lincoln Park, you CAN escape for a few hours while enjoying craft beer, cocktails- and did we mention- FREE arcade games, that will blow your mind? It’s true- with over 60 retro video, pinball and skeeball games, this Chicago based beercade is bringing the fun, nostalgia and booze to anyone 21 and up.


The Pre Game

Just like anything perfectly unplanned in life, Mark’s catalyst into the Food and Beverage industry started by happenstance on his last day of 7th grade, when he stumbled upon a ‘Help Wanted’ sign on a Tasty Pup front window. Bolstered by the freedom of an upcoming summer and teenage spirit, Mark applied and was hired on the spot. What some saw as a summer gig dishing out hotdogs, ended up sparking the fire to conquer the F&B world and as they would say- the rest was history. 

For the next 10 years Mark navigated his way through the various echelons of the restaurant industry, until he realized his dream for the first time in 1994, with the opening of his first bar Joy-Blue. What followed would be a string of successful bars and restaurants throughout the Windy City, eventually landing on his true passion project, Replay.



Formerly known as Headquarters, the newly expanded and rebranded Replay, offers a high-energy vibe while celebrating the iconic 80’s and 90’s. Rounding out a killer selection of everyone’s favorite arcade games, guests can enjoy craft cocktails and a beer and bourbon selection that will leave them coming back time and again- like a solid Mortal Kombat roundhouse kick.

And in a day in age where nothing is free-and milk is double the price it was when Pac Man debuted- we think it’s worth repeating… the games at Replay cost nothing but cool vibes and great times.


Behind the Why

With a 25-year-old passion, that only continues to be fueled with every new opening, Mark takes pride in building something from the ground up. But for Mark, who has some of his greatest childhood memories- thanks to the easy going days of roller rinks, arcades and pizza parlors- his ‘WHY’ comes from the endless moments of genuine excitement on his faces of his guests.

Watching customers walk into Replay for the first time, only to travel back to the glory days of either their youth or the one they grew up hearing about, brings a childlike grin, to both Mark and his guests. For Mark the arcade bars have been especially fulfilling for him and his family, bringing his life in the Food and Beverage industry full circle.  What started out as a part-time, childhood job has evolved into a full beercade concept, bringing happiness, new memories and a few beers with friends to a whole new level.

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