The Importance of Professional Habits in the Workplace


The Importance of Professional Habits in the Workplace

As research and studies into positive psychology strengthen, the primary focus remains on habits formed in our personal lives. However, what about habits formed in professional environments? These professional habits, as we are beginning to learn, have the ability to not only better our professional performance, but are having a lasting impact on our lives outside of work as well.

A Case for Habits

We’ve all been exposed to various statistics surrounding habits and the science behind making them, breaking them, and their lasting impacts. But, in the grand scheme of things, what does it all mean? If we’re looking for a case for habits, it’s here: we just have to learn how to decipher it and make it actionable in order for us to reap its positive effects.

In fact, research has found that about 43% of our behavior may be habitual in nature. When taking a look at “experience sampling” research, people recorded once per hour what they were thinking, feeling, and doing and about 43% of those actions were performed almost daily and usually in the same context (Wood et al. 2002; see also Khare & Inman 2006). But, again, what does it mean? In order to create a lasting habit and develop ones that push our professional goals forward, we’re setting the stage for a healthy development of subsequent habits to follow.

The Starting Point

Interestingly enough, we believe that one must begin by making a conscious effort to create these habitual actions. With every professional habit developed, we believe that individuals are able to set into motion a wave of professional habits that not only impact themselves, but have the ability to impact their teams and ultimately their organizations as a whole.

We’ve seen that when a team or organization is able to join the journey of forming professional habits together, that there is a higher chance for success among individuals given that they’ve got others around them in it together. Focusing on teamwork and building an effective team is a great place to start if you or your organization is beginning this journey together.

The Journey, Not the Destination

Although it’s easy to become focused on the benefits and strengths that will come out of a habit journey with both yourselves and the rest of your organization, the journey of doing so is more than half of the feat itself. Whether it’s focusing on safety, innovation, meditation, or any other skill you’re looking to improve for the betterment of your professional experience, the journey of getting there shows the significance and dedication towards a better professional and personal life with the forming of habits that make a universal impact.


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