Will VIDGO Manage To Dominate Other Live TV Streaming Companies?


Soon enough, it will no longer be only about Netflix and Amazon. VIDGO is already here and with a bang! Arguably, VIDGO is expected to overturn the online TV streaming experience.


We cannot deny the fact that staying connected to the entire world is a matter of essence to many. It is for this reason that VIDGO came into existence. The aim of the company is to ensure that everyone is able to stream their favorite programs from all over the globe at any given time.


VIDGO as a company has taken ample time in studying and understanding the modern technology as far as live streaming is concerned.


Has VIDGO Made Its Way Into The Market Already?


The grand launch of VIDGO has not yet been carried out. However, the Live Television has already made its advent into the market. Currently, VIDGO is under test in at least 15 markets across the United States. It is believed that the television will keep reaching out to other markets for testing. Among the key markets in which VIDGO is already transpiring, include New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.


Which Devices Will Be Compatible With VIDGO?


This is one of the most important questions that prospects of VIDGO will probably ask. It is important to note that VIDGO is meant to allow Live Streaming from anywhere. As such, the first and the most important move for VIDGO, as a company, is to ensure compatibility with as many devices as possible.


Among the devices that VIDGO can be streamed from include: Roku, Apple TV, IOS, Android, Amazon Fire Stick, Tablets, Smart TVs, and Smartphones.


A major step that VIDGO has taken to ensure convenience across different devices is embracing the adaptive HD video streaming technology. Versatility is one of the qualities aligned with VIDGO, and one of the scorecards against other competitor live streaming televisions.


VIDGO also provides you with a friendly menu bar, hence allowing you to navigate to your preferred point easily. With the menu, you can unearth the most watched channels. You can also search for new programs. The modern interface that VIDGO features is meant to uphold ease and convenience.


Will VIDGO Provide Enough Content For Subscribers?


It goes without saying that any Live Streaming TV must provide ample content to subscribers to ensure utmost fun and contention. In this regard, VIDGO has invested so much in bringing an assortment of content to you.


Among the things you should get ready to enjoy on VIDGO include; sports, national highlights and news, international news, on-demand live streaming, local programs in selected markets, high-demand movies, and music, etc.  


However, the kind of content you will have access to will be determined by the package you have paid for. Each package presents to you multiple options. The subscriber is at liberty to opt for the package that serves them best.


If everything unfolds as stipulated, VIDGO is bound to take the live streaming market by storm. In terms of usability, VIDGO is friendly by far. In terms of costs, VIDGO takes the lead considering that there are no hidden charges and lengthy contracts. In terms of content, VIDGO promises a whole, new revolution.

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