Top Local Attorneys Discuss How Technology Has Impacted Their Practice


Over the past few months, the United States has learned to adapt to a whole new way of living due to the impact of the virus. Many years ago, working from home seemed unimaginable for certain careers, professionals have now realized that it is quite possible. In fact, many professionals plan to continue working from home, even when their state reopens.

We spoke with notable attorneys in their respective towns and gathered critical feedback from them and how technology in these tumultuous times has impacted their practices and what they have experienced as a result.

Jessica Givens, of The Cochran Firm with nearly three dozen offices across America, shared how Covid-19 affected their offices: “Everything is still moving; everything is still getting filed and litigated. I will say that it slowed down, but no grinding halt though. Things slowed down just because no one wanted to take a remote deposition.

I do think that the benefit of having a technologically savvy firm like ours helps, and I think the courts did a really good job of jumping on the technological wave as well.”

Wayne Morse, of Waldrep, Stewart & Kendrick LLC a Birmingham based firm practicing across personal injury, estate planning, and taxation shared how technology has impacted their practice:  It’s caused a change in the way we practice law. I’ve had court hearings on Zoom; I’ve introduced evidence on Zoom; I’ve had a mediation on Zoom and I see a permanent change in the way we practice law. I’m not sure that we’re going to have as many personal meetings; I’m not sure we’re going to have as many conferences.”

Buck Mallory, of The Mallory Law Office, a Columbus based firm shared: “We’re a smaller law firm and we went in the COVID-19 pandemic leveraging technology more than most law firms, very much into the cloud and being able to work remotely. We have a remote virtual assistant and so this has allowed us to do our work efficiently and effectively. Our technology allowed us to do a lot of what we were doing before the COVID-19 pandemic.”

John Hoppers, of Columbus based Strip, Hoppers, Leithart, Mcgrath & Terlecky Co., LPA shared: “As our firm began integrating technologies like Zoom video calls, it certainly delivered a more personal touch than telephone calls. Video conference calls allow you to see facial expressions and emotions that you just couldn’t otherwise get from being on the phone alone.

Chuck Franklin, of Chuck Franklin Law, a Phoenix-area firm specializing in criminal defense and personal injury shared: “It’s no different being locked down or being stuck in the office because my clients always call me on my cell phone, which is a huge plus to them. The biggest complaint that people have about lawyers is that they don’t return their phone calls. That’s not been an issue with me during these times in particular. The courts were closed for two months; it’s going to take 18 months to catch up. The backlog in our criminal justice system and in the whole court system across the country is going to be very difficult to deal with moving forward.”

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