Sawan & Sawan Share Insight Amidst Covid

We recently sat down with Dennis Sawan, one of the partners at Sawan & Sawan, a Toledo, Ohio based personal injury firm and asked to learn a little more about their practice.

“When the corona virus hit, we created a video studio which helped us disrupt the market. We also use the studio for court appearances and meeting with clients which has provided us a digital space and has helped us to have a presence especially since we are across four states.

We practice MI, OH, FL, and GA, though we have our primary office here in Ohio. We specialize in personal injury, where we focus on serious injury cases with motorcycle, truck and auto, yet we’ve had great results in civil rights cases too, which we see as another form of personal injury.

We recently saw great results where we had a unanimous 7-0 decision in the Ohio supreme court, which upheld free speech on the internet. We have yet to figure out if we must wear face masks and I would be very apprehensive about trying a case in court wearing a face mask, when half of my face and of others is hidden.

The delay that comes with technology such as Zoom, can really be disruptive. For example, a delay can cause an attorney to come across as though they are being rude or perhaps dishonorable. Due to the nature of oral arguments, not being deferential can really turn a court off to you and hurt your ability to get the desired result.”

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