Tempe Area Attorney Shares Insight On The Affects Of Covid

Recently, we sat down with the founder of the Bailey Law Firm, Jenna Bailey who shared the following insights from her practice in the Phoenix area:

“Things in a lot of ways are the same in the last six months as they were before the crisis. 

From the beginning of Covid, I was happy that we were a full service law Tempe personal injury firm, and I knew that we would be in a good position due to our firm being a full service. I felt good about that and that has proven to be a wise decision.

What I found though is that every practice area has gotten busier because of the crisis. Real estate law is booming right now which has been wonderful. Personal injury has done well too since it’s pretty insulated from the economy as a whole, and in fact buy generic viagra cialis levitra when people are not doing well economically, they are going to be more willing to be likely to sue.

Outward facing there’s not much of a change since Covid hit other than the fact that we now offer Zoom and telephone meetings for people if they don’t feel comfortable coming into the office.

Inward facing, we’re having people working remotely. We minimize the number of people in the office at one time, and then everyone else works remotely. Everyone was set up to work remotely from the start of the firm which was really helpful and has been a benefit to everyone involved. 

Before this, Zoom meetings were not something we were doing, yet today, most people choose phone or Zoom meetings instead of coming into the office and we as a firm are happy to accommodate people’s requests.”

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